Sparkly Things

The Creative Life: On Being Wild and Crazy Question: Do I need a wild and crazy life so I can write something exciting? Every autumn I work with new writers and every autumn this question comes up for students of all ages and at all different stages of life…and writing. My life is so ordinary. [...]

I know. I so suck at blogging. Here’s some sparkly news  and you know it has to be sparkly if I’m blogging about it — I had the honour of receiving a 2013 Established Artist Award through the Creative Nova Scotia Leadership Council. The awards ceremony was held at the Museum of Natural History in [...]

Wordless Wednesday IX

  © Christy Ann Conlin 2012 Check out my scary Wordless Wednesday Friends Allyson Latta, Kristen den Hartog, Cheryl Andrews, Matilda Magtree  

Wordless Wednesday III

Every Wednesday bloggers all over the world post an image…without words… Wordless Wednesday friends: Allyson Latta Matilda Magtree Cheryl Andrews Kristen den Hartog

Wordless Wednesday II

Every Wednesday bloggers all over the world post an image without words… Wordless Wednesday friends: Allyson Latta Matilda Magtree    

Wordless Wednesday I

Every Wednesday bloggers around the world share a photograph they’ve taken, an image without words.  This is mine.  And this is my lovely Wordless Wednesday friend, Allyson Latta, who invited me to participate.

I just read an inspiring  blog post on Joyce Carol Oates by Justine Musk.  Musk writes about a comment by Joyce Carol Oates, that if Joyce Carol Oates was a new writer today she would be blogging.  It feels like a prod-to-blog and I am reminded of my abandoned meadow here — so I am [...]

Enroute to PEI…almost

So, it’s a road trip to Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island, for a weekend of literary events, tonight a public book club to talk about Heave.   The blog goddess Bonnie Stewart is the wizardress behind this wonderful event.  Bonnie is PEI to me, sandy and salty, down home, yet exotic, dramatic, a part of that bigger [...]

Dead Time Reading

Well, it’s Spring and the snow has melted, and it’s reading time!  I’m very pleased to be crawling out of my writerly hibernation to do the following event, and I hope, if you are nearby, you’ll come on out! Nifty door prizes and best of all, Ami McKay. author of The Birth House, will be [...]

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