Murdy’s Museum, a short radio documentary, originally created for CBC Outfront (2008) with producer, Kent Hoffman. (Kent and I later did CBC Fear Itself in 2002). ‘Murdy’s Museum’ is a sound story about my father, Murdy Daniel Conlin, and his magnificent and bizarre barn on our family property.  It’s a tribute to my father’s [...]

It was a long time between novels for Christy Ann Conlin, but her latest book, The Memento, was well worth the wait. The resulting work is already receiving high praise, with one reader calling it “a grab bag of Gothic delights – a creaking groaning mansion, a precocious 12th-born twelve-year-old, tea parties with the dead, and an unnerving number of fleeting darting ‘somethings’ only glimpsed in the corner of your eye.”

THE MEMENTO COVER ART: Part I   Yes, the cover of The Memento is drop dead gorgeous. And yes, of course, there is an unusual story behind it! It’s a writer’s dream to have a cover which so perfectly captures the world of the book. One of the most thrilling aspects of writing a novel [...]

The Creative Life: On Being Wild and Crazy Question: Do I need a wild and crazy life so I can write something exciting? Every autumn I work with new writers and every autumn this question comes up for students of all ages and at all different stages of life…and writing. My life is so ordinary. [...]

I know. I so suck at blogging. Here’s some sparkly news  and you know it has to be sparkly if I’m blogging about it — I had the honour of receiving a 2013 Established Artist Award through the Creative Nova Scotia Leadership Council. The awards ceremony was held at the Museum of Natural History in [...]

Wordless Wednesday IX

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