Enroute to PEI…almost

So, it’s a road trip to Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island, for a weekend of literary events, tonight a public book club to talk about Heave.   The blog goddess Bonnie Stewart is the wizardress behind this wonderful event.  Bonnie is PEI to me, sandy and salty, down home, yet exotic, dramatic, a part of that bigger [...]

Dead Time Reading

Well, it’s Spring and the snow has melted, and it’s reading time!  I’m very pleased to be crawling out of my writerly hibernation to do the following event, and I hope, if you are nearby, you’ll come on out! Nifty door prizes and best of all, Ami McKay. author of The Birth House, will be [...]

Dead Time

Dead Time, my first young adult novel, was just published by Annick Press in January, 2011.  Dead Time is the story of Isabella, a teenage psychopath.  I suppose you could call it a horror novel.  It’s what I would have read when I was a teen and I still read the same sort of writing.  [...]


A question writers are frequently asked is why they write.  My answer to this has always been that I feel compelled to tell stories and express myself through words and writing.  In other words, it’s an affliction. Yep, that’s what I’m saying.  I feel compelled to do it, no matter how hard, no matter how [...]

Heave has been selected as one of the Top 40 Essential Canadian Novels of the Decade on CBC Canada Reads 2011!  Voting has begun to pick the top ten of this list and the deadline gallops towards us, midnight, November 7th, 2011. Click right here or on fancy book cover below to go to the [...]

I feel like all I’m doing is driving these days and whenever I start to moan about it, fancy friends living in the city point out I’m driving on country roads — no traffic, the beauty of the Annapolis Vally in full autumn colour before me. I’ve always loved driving, driving and running, speed in [...]

PEI — Day One

I’m in Prince Edward Island for Seawords where I’ll be teaching Creative Writing for a glorious week! I’m so excited. I’m always excited when I travel and I haven’t travelled in so long. it’s a tad embarrassing to call a 30 minute flight from Halifax to Charlottetown travel but any sort of journey has a [...]

Deadly Flowers

Am researching flowers for the tea in my novel, blossom tea.  But it has to be a deadly tea.  It’s a bit gruesome, this business of beautiful flowers, beautiful and deadly. Fox Glove, Lily of the Valley, so pretty and beguiling, so darn deadly!

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