Dead Time


Dead Time, my first young adult novel, was just published by Annick Press in January, 2011.  Dead Time is the story of Isabella, a teenage psychopath.  I suppose you could call it a horror novel.  It’s what I would have read when I was a teen and I still read the same sort of writing.  Do you remember having Stephen King on your desk, under papers, trying to sneak in an extra page? My literary snob friends won’t admit to this, I know, but I happily will. And then there was Lord of the Flies. So it’s a marriage between these two but it’s a girl book, a girl book in that it’s the story of a girl, but guys will like it as well.  I guess all this makes it cross genre. Anyway, what makes the innocent become so dark so early?  I wonder about this and in Dead Time I explore it.

Dead Time is part of  a flip book, the companion book being Shelter by the amazing Jen Sookfong Lee.  I’ll be posting a Q & A with her soon! And if you don’t know what a flip book is, well, you’ll find out then, ha ha ha ha ha.  Hope you enjoy.  Sparklies, Christy Ann

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