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So, it’s a road trip to Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island, for a weekend of literary events, tonight a public book club to talk about Heave.   The blog goddess Bonnie Stewart is the wizardress behind this wonderful event.  Bonnie is PEI to me, sandy and salty, down home, yet exotic, dramatic, a part of that bigger world.

And I can’t wait to get off this dirt road on the North Mountain and hit the dirt roads over there.  I’ve never done a public book club so I’m a bit nervous, but very excited.  I hope they don’t suspend me from the ceiling and examine me.  But I always did want to be an acrobat, ha ha.

I don’t yet understand my relationship with Prince Edward Island.  When I was there last summer teaching at Seawords it was a transformative experience.  I realize that words like “transformative” and “narrative” are, lately, flying around like black flies on a hot day in May.  So I don’t mean to be trite.  I just had this sense of being light in time and space when I was there, as though the past, the earthy weight of history in Nova Scotia, was set aside for a moment.  Of course, I love, normally, being mired in the earthy weight of Nova Scotia. But Prince Edward Island was Nova Scotia without the history.

sand and sky

Beauty, charm, the old world, but without a past.  And sometimes we need to be free of our past. As free as we can ever be.  And this might just be letting it go for a moment.  Like releasing a bird, maybe a sea gull, and watching it float and bob on the waves. It’s still there and you can see it, but it’s seperate, and it sails off over the waves, takes off up into the sky, and disappears.  It’s still there but you can’t see it, for that moment in time, as you stand on the beach and the horizon and the ocean meet in a line so perfect you can think of nothing else except the clarity of that union.

If you are in Charlottetown, come and join us:

Book(clubb)ed, 8-10 pm @ DB Brickhouse (the former Off Broadway).

I promise I’ll answer anything you answer me…well, almost anything 🙂

My ride, Box 761, is here.  Time to fly.



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