PEI — Day One


I’m in Prince Edward Island for Seawords where I’ll be teaching Creative Writing for a glorious week! I’m so excited. I’m always excited when I travel and I haven’t travelled in so long. it’s a tad embarrassing to call a 30 minute flight from Halifax to Charlottetown travel but any sort of journey has a curious magic to it. And Charlottetown is so charming it doesn’t seem quite real. Perhaps I’m just hungry, ha ha, and so everything has a sense of mythic right now. I think it was when they showed me to my room which is a freaking restored historic house. I’m sitting on the front step right now in the afternoon sun drinking mango green tea.

I haven’t been thinking much about poisonous flowers the last month because I’ve been enjoying roses which are delicious, beautiful and downright sexy. Maybe I better get a big bunch for the antique table in the kitchen here.

It’s so nice to be in such a historic place where the old buildings aren’t falling like so many candy wrappers in the wind, just to be replaced by duplexes. Ah, Berwick, you were once so sweet.

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